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About Air Hog

Air Hog Profile

Air Hog have been producing microlight flight gear since 1989 and remain fully committed to developing, perfecting and upgrading our range of microlight products.

Many of our products, such as our cross country fuel side saddles or our range of covers, are specific to microlights or indeed a particular make & model of microlight. Whilst other products, our map holders as an example have found favour amongst pilots of a range of aircraft, big or small, open or closed cockpit, 3-axis or weightshift.

Our design philosophy is simple; to develop and manufacture high quality, practical products that make microlight flying more enjoyable for pilots and passengers, while assisting you in taking good care of your aircraft. All our products are original designs and have been extensively tested and used personally by the Air Hog staff on a regular basis before being released to the market.

Air Hog products are available throughout Australia and overseas through a network of dealers and all good microlight schools. If you do not have a local dealer we are happy to deal direct.

Flying is fun with Air Hog!